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Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a team-based Competitive gaming experience in which participants use provided equipment to “tag” players on the opposite team to acquire points. At the end of the 8 minute round, the team with the most accumulated points is deemed the winner. We run up to 5 games per hour, which are called every 12 minutes on the hour.

How do you play Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is played with anywhere from 2 to 40 players and involves wearing a vest with an attached phaser, or laser gun, with a unique character’s name displayed on the screen. When the game starts, the red team and blue team head into the arena and aim for each other’s vests in an attempt to outscore the opponent. Within the laser tag arena are also two bases, one for each team to destroy for a huge bonus.

Are there any age or height restrictions to play Laser Tag?

Players must be 48 inches tall to properly wear our Laser Tag Vests. We highly recommend young children come between 11a -12pm on Saturdays. Fridays & Sundays are highly recommended over Saturdays. Parents are highly encouraged to accompany smaller children.

How many players can fit into one game of Laser Tag?

We run up to 36 players at a time for each laser tag round. The more players, the merrier!

Do I need a reservation or party to play Laser Tag?

No, we welcome walk-in customers at all hours of operation. While we may have parties booked during the day, we make sure there is plenty of room for walk-in customers in our games.

What are the Rules and Safety Instructions?

In the arena, there are several rules to ensure safety and fun. We suggest that players wear closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes. The key rules are no running, no physical contact, no lying down, no climbing, and no profanity or screaming. Additionally, we will have personnel in the arena to maintain safety throughout the round and help if there are any questions.

Bumper Cars

What are Bumper Cars?

Riding our Bumper Cars is an interactive, 5-minute long drive experience in which participants drive cars that are aimed for collision with other carts in the arena of play. Each cart seats 2 persons, a driver, and a co-pilot.

Are there any age or height restrictions to ride the Bumper Cars?

While there is no age restriction, there is a height restriction of 4 feet tall to DRIVE the carts. However, if the person in question is less than 4 feet tall, they may ride as a passenger in the cart for no charge. We do recommend small children sit on the driver’s lap if they aren’t chest level with the lap bar.

Is there a charge for an adult assisting a child who cannot reach the pedals?

If a child cannot reach the pedals to drive, there’s no charge for the adult and child to share a car.


How do the Arcade Player Cards Work?

LOAD– Purchase a Player Card at a Kiosk or Sales Counter. Your card can be reloaded for any amount of credits you choose.
SWIPE– Play games and earn e-tickets on the Player Card. Your Player Card will keep track of your remaining credit balance as well as e-tickets you win from arcade games.
REDEEM– Redeem Player Card e-tickets at the Prize Counter for great prizes. Or save your card tickets for better prizes on your next visit.

What happens when I win tickets from a game?

Tickets are automatically loaded to your Arcade Player card (like magic).

Can you use Arcade Player Cards for the attractions (Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Cosmic Golf, or the Maze)?

Arcade Player cards are only good for arcade games.

Do the e-tickets and credits have to all be used during one visit?

The e-tickets and credits will remain on the arcade player card until they are redeemed. They do not all have to be used the day of the purchase.

Cosmic Golf

What is Cosmic Golf?

Cosmic Golf is our spin on conventional miniature golf. The 9-hole course is designed under a black light aesthetic, Mayan-themed fixtures, and visuals along with enjoyable music to tie it all together. Cosmic Golf is suited for all ages and heights and has no time limit on the round

Is there a time limit to play Cosmic Golf?

There’s no time limit to putt through the 9- holes.

Are there age or height restrictions for Cosmic Golf?

Players must be 48 inches tall to play a round of Cosmic Golf.

Adventure Maze

What is the Adventure Maze?

The Adventure Maze is a brand new, outdoor attraction that ties in conventional mazes with interactive checkpoints and time competitions. Find all the checkpoints inside and you could be rewarded with free games, prizes, or tickets!

Louisiana has some pretty extreme weather conditions; are there any preventative fixtures to help with this?

Yes, we have installed industrial fans and misters through the maze for cooling. We also have an installed tent for finished or unwilling participants for weather prevention.

Birthday Parties!

Can I get into my party room before my scheduled party time?

No, you will be allowed to enter your party room at your designated party time. No time is designated towards setting up. 

What if we arrive late to our party?

If you arrive late the party time will not be extended. The party and attractions must remain on schedule.

Can I bring outside food?

Except for scheduled birthday parties that can bring in a cake, no outside food or drinks are permitted in the facility (including ice cream). We have a large catering menu you can select from. Feel free to browse the catering menu available to all parties.   

Can I bring in my own decorations to my scheduled party?

Not recommended. Our party rooms are beautifully decorated with hand-painted murals to echo our Adventure Theme. We already provide the plates, cups, & napkins but you are welcome to supply tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, & utensils for your party. We provide an  11×7 banner to display in your party room window. No other banners are allowed. You may bring in blown-up balloons attached to a weight at your scheduled party time. Please note we do not permit backdrops, balloon arches, confetti, or anything taped to the wall. All décor must be dropped off Monday – Friday by 4 pm two days prior to your party. If you have a special request, we have some flexibility with private parties. Please call to talk to a party planner about your event. 

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Does the party follow a schedule?

Yes, our party planner will be happy to discuss how your party will flow. For the Adventure, Treasure, and Ultimate parties please see the sample party itinerary. 

How/when can I book or make changes to my schedule party?

A party planner is available Monday – Friday from 9 am-4 pm to book or make changes to an existing booking. Our online booking reservation system is available 24/7 for new party bookings. 

Can I request a party room?

Party rooms are assigned to certain time slots and are always subject to change. Party rooms cannot be requested. 

Will I be charged for all the kids invited?

You will only be charged for the number of players that show up as long as you meet the minimum for the party package you selected

What if I don’t meet the minimum number of guests that’s included in my party package?

Family and friends will be allowed to join the scheduled attractions to total up to the minimum number of guests.   

Will anyone be playing with my party?

Yes, unless you booked a private event the general public will be permitted to purchase attraction tickets to your scheduled attraction times. (More players = more fun!) 

Do I have to pay for parents or uninvited siblings?

There is no charge for parents who are not participating. However, keep in mind party rooms have limited seating. You are charged for each wristband issued and those are the individuals who will receive what’s included in your party package. You do not have to provide a wristband for siblings or those too small to play. If you do not meet your party minimum, the additional wrist bands can be handed to family and friends to total up to the minimum number of players included in your party package.

Can adults play with my party?

Adult attraction tickets can be purchased and added to your bill if they are not included in the head count for your party package. 

What’s the cancellation policy?

Deposits may be refunded in full up to two weeks in advance of your party reservation. After that, we will refund your deposit by gift card or rescheduled to a new date.

When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining balance is due at the end of your event. 

When can I add an Arcade Player Cards to my party?

You can add them at the time of booking or with your party host during your party.