Summer Pickleball Pass

Just $99 gets you Pickleball All Summer Long! 

LIMITED TIME ONLY! What’s in it for you? 🤔 🌟 Enjoy Daily Open Play sessions! Reserve your spot for sessions tailored to your skill level and meet fellow enthusiasts. 🌟 Score Daily Court Reservations! Book your court for up to two hours before your playtime and have fun-tastic time with your friends! Don’t miss out on this dill-icious opportunity to pickle to your heart’s content all summer. Grab your pass now and let’s pickle! 🥒🏓

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Court Hours

Monday – Thursday 9am – 9pm

Friday 9am – 11pm

Saturday 9am – 11pm

Sunday 9am – 9pm

Reserve a Court!

Reserve a Court!

Come play Pickleball when and how you want to play it! Reserve your court for you and your friends for a 120 minute session. Courts are available to reserve 7 days a week, just pick the time and we’ll save the place! (Max of 8 players per court per session)

1hr $16.00 

1.5hr $24.00

2hr $32.00

Play Pickleball

Your Way

Open Play

$8.00 per player (Minimum of 4 paid players)

Want to get in on the action with players that match your skill level? Make sure to check out our open play times where you can get in on some action without having to rent the whole court.  Each open-play session is 2 hours long.

Novice: Court time is allocated for those players still learning the basic strokes, and court positioning, but still know the rules and have a basic understanding of how to keep score.

Intermediate: Court time is dedicated to those players who are confident in court positioning, and scoring, and are ready to start mastering the more advanced aspects of the game.

Advanced: Court time is allocated for those seasoned veterans of the game, high skill and strategy makes for a very fast-paced and competitive gameplay.

All Levels: Court time is not allocated to any one level of players, novice players may play with advanced players. It’s a great opportunity to meet new players and improve your skills!



Pickleball 101
Pickleball 101 is designed for the newest of players. Let Coach Scott get you started on the right path to learning everything you NEED to know from the rules and scoring and strokes, and even some basic strategy!
$15 per player (Max of 12)
A male player returns a volley at the net on a dedicated pickleball court at a public park.
Get 4 of your best Pickleball pals and let Coach Scott teach you dynamic drills, strategy, and specialty shots! This program is great for beginners all the way up to advanced players!
$140.00 Flat Rate
Private/Semi Private Lessons
Need to improve your game in a very specific way or just want some one on one time to really see where you can improve? Well then this is just for you, set up a private or semi private session (1 or 2 players max) and put in some intense drills with Coach Scott, designed to build confidence in areas that need improvement.
$90 Private Lesson or $100 Semi Private Lesson


Events Calendar

Find our upcoming Open Play, Pickleball 101 Programs, and Special Events here!




Do you have a big group that just loves PickleBall?  What about a company outing that’s got to be more than just your average Tuesday meeting?  Well, we’ve got you covered with one of our Exclusive PickleBall parties!

Private Events Include
Exclusive Use of Two Outdoor Pickleball Courts
Exclusive Use of Patio/Outdoor Area
Bottomless Sodas
$5 Arcade Card for Each Guest
Maximum of 30 Guests
Party Attendant
2hr Event $250.00
3hr Event $375.00
*Add a Pickleball Pro for $50 per hour