Party Policy Acknowledgement



Before you go any further, there's something you need to know!

Our Party Policies

Age Restrictions

Ages 7 and up

Our attractions party packages, the Adventure, Treasure or Ultimate Party Packages are for children ages seven and up. The birthday child must be turning seven before or on the date of the party.  This is necessary for the children’s safety. Laser Tag, bumper cars and golf are activities that are suited for those at least age seven and up, regardless of how tough they are or if they have played in the past.  Current increases in business have dictated changes in past policies for everyone’s comfort and security, we hope you understand.

All Ages

We offer a private party, the morning exclusive, which is suitable for any age. Another great option is our arcade party which is a great fit for younger players. The arcade party and morning exclusive are the only two options for children under seven. Children seven and up may enjoy one scheduled attraction together during the arcade parties for $5 per player. This attraction can be played during or after the party. However, children under seven may not participate in the attraction to ensure a fun and safe experience.

If you have a child 6 or younger and do not find our Arcade or Private Party, the Morning exclusive, to your liking feel free to check out some age-appropriate options:

Luv 2 Play

Kids’ Castle 

NOLA Kidsgroud 

Capacity Restrictions

Our rooms comfortably seat 20 attendees. While we do not restrict the number of parents, be mindful that they will stand to accommodate the wristbanded players during pizza and cake time.  If you invite more than 20 who you intend to play during the party, then you must book the Treasure Party Package (24 player minimum) or the Arcade Party Package (24 Player Minimum) in our large party room and guarantee a minimum of 24 paid players.

The change in our policies make come as a shock but we insure it was for the benefit of our guests.  The increase in demand at our facility for birthday parties for children under seven has dictated changes in past policies for everyone’s comfort and security, we hope you understand.

I have read and acknowledge these party polices!